10 Things Every Cannabis Nurse Should Know

The Cannabis Industry has infused itself into the Nursing Profession with a new role of care for patients known as Cannabis Nursing.

Did you know the Cannabis Nurse role has become a fast growing part of healthcare in the United States Clinical Settings?

Do You Know....

History of Cannabis and Healthcare

Why Cannabis in Healthcare Now?

Difference Between THC & CBD Therapy

The Endocannabinoid System

What is a Cannabis Nurse?

Cannabis Nurse Roles & Job Resources

Cannabis Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Nurses

Creating a foundation for knowledge is crucial in providing adequate healthcare to patients undergoing Cannabis Therapy.

Engaging the right clients for your Cannabis Business is a vital component to success for the Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneur.

Cannabis Nurse Practice Guidelines and Role Responsibilities assist in providing quality care and optimal health outcomes.

Cannabis Education and Competency is critical in the future of delivering adequate quality safe care to patients utilizing cannabis for health purposes. This guide positions you to prepare for the rising demand of this new role.

Preparation for Cannabis Nurse Certification is now available through our Cannabis Nurse Professionals Educational Framework offered by Agnew Matrix LLC.

10 Things Every Cannabis Nurse Should Know

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